You are a change-maker!

You know it, you feel it in your soul. You were born to lead, to be the catalyst of change for others in this world.

Yet, there’s a part of you that feels you’ve not fully reached your potential, your focus is spread too thin, and the balls you have in the air are all starting to drop.

Sure, you’ve experienced great successes thus far (externally), but you can’t seem to fix the storm that’s weighing on you (internally).

Yeah, I’ve been there before . . . 

How do you live up to that potential that you know is inside of you, slay your goals, fulfill your life’s purpose, all while feeling fulfilled, joyous and happy?

How do you BECOME the LEADER you were born to be, without burning out?

Here’s the thing, YOU already know what you need to do, but knowing and doing are two separate things. Your lack of momentum, and those darn negative thoughts have reduced your ability to take the next rational step.  And, this is where I come in!

 Hi. I’m Terri-Ann Richards.

A certified business coach, a professional development expert, and the CEO of Balance Equation Coaching & Consulting.

For the past 17 years, I’ve owned, partnered, started, and sold over 8 companies, in various industries. My work as an entrepreneur and small business owner has enabled me to understand what’s required for today’s leaders to truly realize their potential and generate the results they desire.

And it’s not the answer you would have thought.

To truly find the SUCCESS & HAPPINESS you desire;

… it’s an INSIDE-OUT job.

I’m on a mission to truly GROW today’s leaders, professionals & entrepreneurs from the inside-out! My goal is to be the catalyst of change for impact driven people, just like you, to finally own their space at the proverbial leadership table.

Taking a stance on what they believe in, feeling confident in their decisions, and grow wildly successful LIVES without sacrificing those they love.

Want to know how to FEEL like a success from the inside out? Want to know how to transform the lives of all you touch.

Ways I Can Help You


The Inside-Out Mastery Academy is a transformative journey to grow yourself from the inside-out. Take a step inwards, focusing on the key pillars of success, find truth in your focus and daily intentions, and build a foundation that doesn’t have you sacrificing the things or people you love the most. A 12-month process that combines the power of self-study, live trainings, group coaching and peer accountability.

Claim the power of your voice and release the fears and doubts holding you back from finally speaking your truth and sharing your perspectives. Just imagine how your life would be improved, your career would blossom and your relationships would flourish if you could speak in true full self-expression in ALL situations. Imagine never again worrying whether or not you are saying it ‘right’, no longer being held captive by your fears, paralyzed by the discomfort of being judged. A program built by women for women, where you will learn the art and soul of public speaking. 


What would you attempt to do, if you knew you would not fail? Most successful people understand that there is power in accountability. Coaching is the decision you take to truly up-level your life. Our coaching programs are built in 90 day sprints, with an opportunity to renew at the end of each sprint. All of our sessions are done virtually and are scheduled on a biweekly consistent basis that works for both client and coach.

As Featured On


"Coach TA will be your game changer. Her knowledge, experience and passion are a triple threat and she can coach you through any situation in your business or personally. TA has helped me through so many new experiences in my business where I had no idea what to do. She listened to how I felt and then had some amazing options and advice to help get me through it. If you want to grow, then you need to invest in yourself. She's the best way to help you grow!"


"I love working with TA. What started out as a 6 week personal development coaching has now turned into laser coaching making dreams become achievable goals. TA had the tools to discover my limiting believes, show me how to take control over my life, and allow me to move forward with my “maybe in 10 years” goals getting them started today. She will give you a push when you need to get out of the comfort zone and is always available to celebrate wins together. I have come a long way in 6 months and could not have done it without the help of TA."


"My team and I were so excited to have Terri-Ann as our first guest in the UNBSJ Women in Business virtual speaker series last week! We had the chance to learn from her various entrepreneurial experiences and took away valuable tools for school, work and life. Her energy is contagious and her genuine passion for helping people is unmatched"



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