Such a trendy word. Used to describe our ability or in most cases, our “inability” to keep our divide of energy and focus on the things that matter most. Things like, health, career, kids, spouse, friends, community, finances!

So let me ask you this, when was the last time you felt “in balance”? Have you ever felt it? Do you even know what it means to be in balance or not?

In my experience after 16+ years in business and leadership management, and 5 years as a leadership development coach, the answer is ‘most’ people have absolutely NO IDEA what balance really means. With all the noise and hype around the word balance, it’s hard to decipher what balance really means to YOU, on a personal level.

And that, right there folks, is where I want us to put our focus today!

What is YOUR personal definition of success as it pertains to life balance in YOUR life? If you had your life exactly where you envision it to be, living in alignment with who you are and what you truly want to achieve, what would that look like?

You see, there’s no way to keep all balls in the air at all times, seamlessly, without ever losing. But, there is a way to put energy and focus on the areas that need nurturing when that time and energy is needed. But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself here!

You see, the title of this post is “the 5 signs you are living out of balance”. So, that is where I shall focus for today’s post. My master plan as you can see, is to keep you wanting for more! So, stay tuned for another post about how to maintain balance in your life, in another post 🙂

So, how do you know you are living out of balance? Well, the answer is actually rather simple. While balance itself can mean different things to different people, and your definition of balance can change from one year to the next, the actually outcome of living ‘out of balance’, for any sustained amount of time, remains almost the same across the board for most humans.

Now, this list is NOT exhaustive by any means. However, if you are experiencing more than 2 of any of the below signs of living out of balance, it may be time to press pause, go inwards and make some radically shifts.

Signs you are living out of balance:

  1. You have a wandering and unfocused mind
  2. Your relationships are starting to feel strained
  3. You lack a pep to your step or inspiration to your day
  4. Your energy could be described as nervous or manic
  5. You feel tired or fatigued no matter how much sleep you get

Now let’s dive into each of these signs.

You have a wandering and unfocused mind.

Ever get the feeling that you literally cannot complete any task at hand without becoming distracted by the next shiny item that pops in front of you? Too many to-do lists, that lack a clear path to a defined outcome in alignment with your goals, can create a very distracted mind, leading to stress and a sense of unease. The struggle with this over a sustained amount of time, is a layering affect. A constant sense that you are unproductive can lead to a lower sense of worth, a lack of confidence, which can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety.

Your relationships are starting to feel strained.

You may be the star of the show at work, in your business, or alongside of your peers, but how would your closest relationships score you on a scale of 1-10 in being present and thoughtful? Ever hear the saying the grass is greener where you water it? My experience has taught me that ambitious professionals struggle with the balance of focus and time investment in their most important of relationships. And thus, those very relationships that we ‘say’ are extremely important to us, are typically the first relationships to suffer when we lack a balance in our lives.

You lack a pep to your step or inspiration to you day.

It’s really hard to feel motivated and excited when you are stressed and unfulfilled. Sometimes this lack of inspiration has more to do with what you are NOT doing, than actually what you are doing. For example, if you are lacking personal time for yourself or are unable to attend important experiences due to a lack of balance in your professional and personal life, that could result in a feeling of unhappiness and a lack of motivation. Things that usually brought you joy and a sense of satisfaction, now leave you unfazed. Or maybe you are feeling unchallenged and bored in your life and work, again these struggles over a prolonged period can lead to a lack of worthiness and joy.

Your energy could be described as nervous or anxious.

You get up, and before your feet even hit the floor, your heart is racing. So much to do, and not enough damn time to complete it all. You feel a sense of unease and worry over the smallest of decisions. Any and all of your responsibilities are beginning to way on you. You struggle with guilt, and because of this guilt, you’ve overextended yourself for the umpteenth time. There’s never enough time to get it ‘all’ done. But here’s the fact, loading up your to-do list, being a ‘yes’ person due to your feelings of guilt, will in the long term affect your mental health. As someone who has burned out in the past, I can tell you that ‘most’ of the stuff you are trying to achieve is not worth the risk of your health.

You feel tired or fatigued no matter how much sleep you get.

Regardless of whether or not you get the elusive 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night, you may be experiencing a chronic feeling of being tired or fatigued. This could be a sign that your mind is experiencing overload. Too much stress can result in a sluggish immune system and be the catalyst of many physical aliments. Being in a long sustained state of overdrive or as some would describe it as the never ending loop of ‘busyness’, can have a detrimental affect on your body. Headaches, mind fog, poor mood, achy muscles, and a lack of motivation, all are possible symptoms that you my dear friend are living in a chronic state of ‘imbalance’ and it may be time to take those as the yellow flags they indeed are.

So, how did you do? Remember perspective is everything! Now that you are more aware of the areas that may need to be improved, it’s time to refocus and reimagine what work-life balance would look like for you!

xo Terri-Ann

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