About Me

Mom. Entrepreneur. Leader. 

Hey there! As you’ve probably figured out, I’m Terri-Ann Richards. A 16+ year serial entrepreneur, starting in business at just 18 years old. I’ve built six figure businesses, bought, sold, and partnered in more than eight companies, all while raising two beautiful children. I’ve both succeeded wildly, and failed miserable in both business and in life.

Leading teams, growing businesses, and persevering through sure grit and determination has taught me a few things about what it means to be a success. I’ve learned that true success, the really fulfilling kind, the kind of success that brings joy to your life and your heart . . .  well that my friend, is an inside-out job.

You need to work on yourself FIRST, before you can go and grow wildly successful careers, businesses, or relationships. 

So, what gives me the right to coach?

Well, beyond my 16+ years of on the street true practical experience as an entrepreneur, leading teams as large as 50. I am also a graduate of the Prestigious Wallace McCain Institute, Entrepreneurial Leaders Program, as well as New Brunswick’s 21 Inc Leaders Program. I’m certified by MHS as an EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and Assessor. A Choice Theory and Reality Therapy practitioner through the William Glasser Institute of Canada. I am a certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator via CLSR Inc, a Certified Coach through the Certified Coaches Federation, and I have my Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy via the Centre of Excellence.

I guess you could say, I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and am now sewing on my badge!

I’m the no fluff, shoot straight from the hip, heart fueled coach YOU need to take your life from OK to GREAT. My superpower is cutting through the shit, finding the habits and tactics required to develop you to your full potential, all while growing successfully from the inside out.

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