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Myriane Ouellette

Founder & CEO of O Strategies

THE TALK: Living On The Edge | A Journey In Harnessing Courageous Leadership

Myriane is a mom of two, wife, daughter, sister, friend, mentor, and a self described shit disturber.

She is passionate about getting the right people together to harness the power of the collective, making a real impact in communities and organizations.

⚡She believes that change is the only constant in this world, and that the only real control we have is our own adaptability and ability to be resilient.

Connect with Myriane [here]

Yves Doucet

Co-Founder & Culture Coach at Dovico

THE TALK: You Don’t Need A Title To Lead

Yves is a serial entrepreneur, father of two, grandfather of two, and is best described as a spirtual scientist.

A lover of yoga and a person that frequently leans into what feels uncomfortable on his path to personal growth.

⚡His ambition in life is to live without regrets each day, being a little better of a man than he was yesterday.

Connect with Yves [here]

Kathryn Speer

Founder The Thermography Clinic NB

THE TALK: We Are More Than We Appear To Be

Kathryn is a life long learner, forever evolving and embracing what is.

Her goal is to transform women’s fear around breast cancer into the empowerment of prevention through risk assessment, education, knowledge and fun. She has experienced first hand the frustration of not knowing what is going on with her own body, and having the inability to heal herself due to misinformation.

⚡Her personal mantra is, “More Than I Appear To Be”

Connect with Kathryn [here]

Tammy Rampersaud

Founder of Every Lemon Public Relations & Consulting Firm

THE TALK: The Power Of Community

Tammy is a community advocate, and a lover of turning lemons into lemonade.

With her community wrapped around her heart, Tammy was elected as Councilor at large and served a term as Deputy Mayor for the Town of Riverview. A self-described lemonade maker, committed to influencing public opinion and building 2-way relationships.

⚡Her favorite quote is by RBG “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes”

Connect with Tammy [here]

Hayley Bohan

Founder of Marketing On Purpose

THE TALK: The Purpose Onion | The Answers Are Already Within

Hayley is a mother, a wife, a strategic marketing coach, a writer, a truth seeker, and she’s a heart on her sleeve kinda girl!

With over two decades of marketing experience, Hayley is a local go-to coach for small business strategic branding and marketing. 

⚡Her goal is to help small businesses thrive so they can go out and make this world better…and to prove to her children that dreams really do come true.

Connect with Hayley [here]

Eleanor Austin

Founder of New Marketing Today

THE TALK: Who Is The She YOU Need to Be

Eleanor is the shine maker on LinkedIn. Her unique 5-P method to helping amplify the voices of professional women on LinkedIn, gives confidence for them to authentically connect and engage with using their own brand story.

Her previous career in radio, journalism and the tech marketing space, has given Eleanor a unique perspective on awakening unheard voices and stories on and offline.

⚡Her favorite quote is by Oscar Wilde “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”

Connect with Eleanor [here]

Terri-Ann Richards

Founder & CEO of Balance Equation Coaching & Consulting

THE TALK: Success Takes Courage

Terri-Ann is fun loving mother to two awesome kids, a partner, and grandma.

She is a sought after speaker, host of the Balanced Perspective Podcast, Founder of the BE Event, and the Women Who Influence Network. Starting in business at only 18 years old, over 17+ years, she has owned eight companies spanning several industries.

⚡She believes that success in life is an inside-out job

Connect with Terri-Ann [here]


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