Learn the Subtle Art of Public Speaking.

The Courage to Speak™ is the program that teaches Women just like YOU to step into their true authentic voice!

Release your aversion to stepping up and sharing your truth, the time to share your gifts is NOW! 

“Women speaking up for themselves and for those around them is the strongest force we have to change the world.” – Melinda Gates

Are you…

Tired of struggling with thoughts that you will be judged if you speak up.

but you don’t know how to change those negative thoughts.

Ready to create a new relationship with your fears, emotions and voice.

but have spent years dimming your light and staying agreeable.

Struggling with your confidence, and are tired of the pursuit of perfection.

and those thoughts have you stopping before you even start.

The benefits of investing in the skill of confident public speaking are…

The fear of public speaking has a direct impact on your income. Stats show that those who avoid it, make on average 10% less.

When you join our programs, you will learn how to:

    • TRANSFORM any fear or self-doubt about public speaking into ease and authentic confidence.
    • Deliver your message POWERFULLY, purely and in a way that deeply moves and motivates your listeners.
    • Write talks and presentations that are clear, powerful, INSPIRING, and genuine. Talks that inspire people to take action.
    • Own the value of what you have to say and feel free to say it directly and NATURALLY.

    • Experience greater FREEDOM to speak up in group meetings or in panel settings.

Join one of our public open enrollment programs OR bring this program in-house to your organization.

The Courage to Speak™ 8 Week Intensive Public Speaking and Leadership Training Program will catapult YOU in your career, in your confidence, and in your clarity of voice. 

 Week 1: Why Public Speaking is Important

Week 2: What do YOU Believe + Networking

Week 3: Tell ME a Transformative Story (expand)

Week 4: Shifting Perspectives

Week 5: The Impact I Want to Make is…

Week 6: How to Tell an Epic Story

Week 7: Speaking to Different Personalities

Week 8: How to Speak Off-the-Cuff

Funding may be available through Working NB for those organizations that qualify (NB only)

Questions? Send me a note below.

4 + 12 =

Each week attendees will receive curriculum via email, with links to videos and practices to prepare for the upcoming class (15-20 minutes prep time). Classes are held virtually via zoom in a confidential, compassionate, small group setting. All attendees will be given opportunities to practice at each session. Classes are 1.5-2 hours each depending on size of class.

Equipment needed: computer, headphones/audio, webcam, internet connection.

Meet YOUR Facilitator & Coach, Terri-Ann Richards.

With over 17+ years in the entrepreneurial realm, Terri-Ann has earned her stripes as a solid leader in business. Having started, bought, sold and partnered in over 8 companies, including top names such as PropertyGuys[dot]com and Marlin Travel Atlantic, she certainly understands the sheer will required to both grow a company and lead a team to success.

Living through successful sales, failed businesses, and complicated exits, she understands that having true leadership grit is an important aspect to your success.

It is through the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial career, the trial and error of testing new processes, and leading large teams that she became finely attuned to what it takes to truly be successful as a leader. It is also where she made the decision to take those lessons and teach other leaders the way.

In October of 2018, she founded Balance Equation Coaching & Consulting, working with entrepreneurs and leaders in harnessing their unique potential and influence by developing the person behind the title. Building upon the key principles and foundations of true authentic success.

A sought after speaker, facilitator and coach, she is the fire-cracker that will get you to rise up and shine that bright impact driven light to the masses.

“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.”

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