Fun Facts About Me…
Here’s the deal. Social media is crowded with its highlight reels, too cool for school photo filters, and a need for speed or should I say being liked.
All of it is great (at times). It helps us stay virtually connected, we can promote our businesses, and see what others are up to. But, for the most part, it lacks an authenticity and realness that is typically found through long term, bonded, vulnerable relationships.
So, today I want to share some fun facts about me.
Now, I could share with you my highlight reel, all the great accomplishments I have achieved in my life….Ooooh, and I have achieved some pretty bang on things. But that is not the purpose of this post.
Today is about authenticity.


There’s a reason my tagline in both my Personal & Professional Coaching businesses are — Success is created from the Inside-Out.


There’s power in understanding yourself on the inside. And knowing that all the sh*t, mistakes, all the experiences, and all the fall flat on your face kind of moments…they have shaped you into the human you are.
So here they are… the moments that shaped me in no particular order.
1. I have owned 8 companies in my entrepreneurial career. 2 of which I failed miserably at. Poor delegation skills, lack of knowledge, large ego, and an inability to keep the book straight, all contributed to my demise.
2. I was pregnant at the age of 16 years old, gave birth at 17 years old. Was on social assistance for about 1.5 years before finding my way.
3. I was a shitty wife. I put money, business, my ego and a whole lot of other things above my husband at the time. A lot of lessons learned from that era in my life. I even wrote a book about it (here)
4. I was bankrupt before the age of 30 years old, due to my over zealous and ambitious nature as an entrepreneur. I sucked at money. It was embarrassing. Money was never my focus, nor was it my skill — count the pennies and the dollars count themselves they say? Yeah, I was not counting pennies back then.
5. I used to think that you just got over things. That if the worst tragedy happened to you, that you should just pull up your socks and move on. It was not that I didn’t care, it was that my own conditioning made me believe that it was not productive to look at the ick in life. My inability to have empathy for those that mattered the most, cost me a lot of years of heartache and a lot of pain to those I loved.
6. In that same regard, I used to think most people were faking their mental illnesses, and thus my ignorance took over. A lot of humans that probably needed my tender listening ear were disregarded as too emotional.
7. I never used to hug, or cry, or smile too much in the public eye. I was afraid of being seen as weak, and was not prepared for what that could do to my image or my heart. A big thanks to Andrea and Sandra for teaching me the truth in friendships all those years ago and allowing this tough gal to learn that hugs are meant for all.
8. and lastly, I used to fight (physically) – a lot. Junior High, High School, after graduation. My upbringing had taught me to never appear weak, to never allow someone to get the upper hand. I walked into most situations as a young adult with a chip on my shoulder. One nudge from the wrong human, and I was flipped on.
I may not be proud of ALL I used to be. But I am grateful for the lessons. I coach today, BECAUSE of those lessons. I am not special, unique, or so different than most of you. We’ve all made mistakes. We all have regrets. Moments of coulda, shoulda, woulda – but we didn’t.
When you know better, you do better.
I am a woman who chose a path, and with it came lots of ups and downs. Tomorrow I will share my accomplishments. But today, I sit in my stuff, and know that it is what has made me.
Big hugs,

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