Mastery Academy

is a transformative journey to achieving the ultimate of successes. HAPPINESS.

Through a process of self-discovery, introspection, habit forming and connection building.

The result…YOU, will be transformed from the inside-out.

For Today's Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Professionals

Join the year-long program designed specifically for female entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to help them reach their full potential by removing the interference’s blocking their growth. Learn how to have true inside-out mastery, giving you a competitive advantage in today’s professional climate.


This integrative program combines the power of self-study, live trainings, group coaching and peer accountability for more consistency, and a solid foundation of guaranteed professional growth. 


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The 6 Areas of True Inside-Out Success

Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery is the process of living authentically by developing self awareness and understanding the barriers to your growth such as triggers and unproductive habits.

Interpersonal Mastery

Interpersonal Mastery is having the emotional and social intelligence skills to clearly communicate and build positive relationships. Achieved through self-expression, speaking and listening skills.

Purpose Mastery

Purpose Mastery is the ability to live in alignment with your values and get in tune with what is important to you. A strong focus on impact and positive contribution to others around us.

Goal Mastery

Goal Mastery is the ability to create a clear vision of your future success, while defining the process and plan that will bring that vision to fruition. Developing laser focus and commitment.

Resiliency Mastery

Resiliency Mastery is the ability to bounce back from life’s ups and downs. Developing internal and external behaviors that allow us to move forward with ease and optimism.

BE-ing Mastery

BE-ing Mastery is the practice of being present and mindful in our interactions with ourselves and others. It is the quiet, connected foundation in our self, where we find solace and rejuvenation.

What if what you want is on the other side of this program?

There’s power in FOCUS. In investing in your personal and professional development.

In setting goals and seeing them through to fruition. So what if I told you that the odds of you achieving the goals you set out for yourself increase dramatically just by joining this program?



      • You are ready to take your personal development to the next level! And, you want the guidance of a 16+ year veteran in the leadership and entrepreneurial realm.


      • Because you know it takes time, energy and money to truly realize the success you desire, and you are ready to hit your goals with a 95% success rate.


      • So you can stop spinning your wheels, balancing too many balls, doubting your yourself, wasting precious time, and ultimately learn to be more efficient and effective.


      • Because you understand that the only person in control of your results, is you. And, you are tired of the self-sabotaging behavior and limiting beliefs halting your success.


      • You know that confidence in your mission, purpose and goals results in positive outcomes. And, your ready to invest in the future of those positive outcomes.


      • Because change is evitable, and you want your next level of change to ensure you are reaping the rewards of your efforts.

      What are the BENEFITS of a Group Coaching Hybrid Model?

      What is Group Coaching & is it Effective?

      Group coaching, brings together a group of like-minded professionals for a specific goal or outcome. In the case of this program (the Inside-Out Mastery Academy), the purpose is to foster growth through purpose, self-reflection, connection and resiliency. 

      As this program is a ‘hybrid’ model. You will experience the benefits of the group coaching model, peer coaching (from one another), self-paced learning in an online environment, and one to one coaching through our hot seats. An experience that combines the best of all formats of learning for busy professionals looking to achieve rapid results.

      The effectiveness of this program will depend on what success looks like for you. We will very clearly be outlining in the beginning our expectations, desired outcomes, and developing a method of tracking each persons progress.

        I love working with TA. What started out as a 6 week personal development coaching has now turned into laser coaching making dreams become achievable goals. TA had the tools to discover my limiting believes, show me how to take control over my life, and allow me to move forward with my “maybe in 10 years” goals getting them started today. She will give you a push when you need to get out of the comfort zone and is always available to celebrate wins together. I have come a long way in 6 months and could not have done it without the help of TA.


        Common Questions (FAQs)

        What is the expected time commitment?

        60 minutes of self-study and approximately 2x sessions of 2 hours in length with the group per month.

        What equipment do I need?

        Solid internet connection. Laptop/Desktop computer. Webcam, speakers and microphone.

        How many people will be in the group?

        The group will have a maximum of 16 people to ensure we get the opportunity to get to know and trust each other, and provide space and time for everyone to participate in a meaningful way.

        Why do I need to apply to join the program?

        My #1 goal in this program is YOUR success. The way I am able to guarantee this is by balancing group dynamics of all those attending and ensuring you are in the right head space to commit to the effort required to truly transform. At the end of the day, we want this to be a WIN-WIN-WIN. A win for you, the group and for me as your coach.

        What is the investment to join?

        Once approved to join the Inside-Out Mastery Academy, the investment will be $5000 for the full 12 month program. Or you can make 11 monthly payments of $500.

        Have other questions not answered above? Private message me at Hello (at) TerriAnnRichards (dot) com

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