The Power To Lead Herself

A unique interactive 12-session program designed for youth girls aged 12 to 16. Offering space and the tools needed for each participant to develop their potential through practical personal growth & leadership development experiences.


“Every young girl has the potential to become GREAT. A great person, a great community citizen, a friend, a partner, and even a GREAT leader. But, this potential needs to be encouraged, developed and unleashed.”

Nobody wakes up magically knowing how to lead or lean in.

Societal norms, conditioning, and a lack of women in leadership roles has created a gap in gender equality worldwide.

In order for our young girls to see and realize their full potential, we must first offer to close the gap in skill development. 

The time to invest in our youth is now.

Lead[HER]Brave helps to instill confidence and help these young girls learn to solve problems creatively, fostering collaborative abilities and empowering them to shift their perspectives of what is possible in their future.

Outcomes for Participants

Strengthened Sense of Self

shaping their perception of belonging and connecting better with others.

Clarity In Personal Voice

giving them opportunity to express their beliefs and communicate their needs and wants.

Personal Accountability

helping to eliminate excuses, and empowering them to value their work, time and effort.

Improved Confidence

helping them prepare for life’s experiences, and lean into areas that are new.

Improved Action Habits

giving them the tools required to be successful in proper goal setting and planning.

Improved Problem Solving

offering them the tools and strategies that allow them to sort through obstacles easier.

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Meet YOUR Facilitator & Coach, Terri-Ann Richards.

With over 17+ years in the entrepreneurial realm, Terri-Ann has earned her stripes as a solid leader in business. Having started, bought, sold and partnered in over 8 companies, including top names such as PropertyGuys[dot]com and Marlin Travel Atlantic, she certainly understands the sheer will required to both grow a company and lead a team to success.

Living through successful sales, failed businesses, and complicated exits, she understands that having true leadership grit is an important aspect to your success.

It is through the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial career, the trial and error of testing new processes, and leading large teams that she became finely attuned to what it takes to truly be successful as a leader. It is also where she made the decision to take those lessons and teach other leaders the way.

In October of 2018, she founded Balance Equation Coaching & Consulting, working with entrepreneurs and leaders in harnessing their unique potential and influence by developing the person behind the title. Building upon the key principles and foundations of true authentic success.

A sought after speaker, facilitator and coach, she is the fire-cracker that will get you to rise up and shine that bright impact driven light to the masses.

“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.”

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