Resolution to Reality : Annual Goal Slaying & Planning Workshop




2022 will be your best year yet. If you choose it to be.

Resolutions fail 80% of the time.
Science shows that only 8% of people actually achieve their goals. 😭


Because they are doing it WRONG.

As a 16+ year serial entrepreneur, who’s made all the mistakes, quickly learned from them, and then ultimately found a system that works. I’ll tell you this, the process to being successful is not what you think.

This workshop has no fluff, no gimmicks. No, hey show up, so I can sell you something midway. Nope. That’s not me.

I’m sharing it all. My process for choosing goals, setting up your priorities in accordance to your unique core beacon system, and mapping out a plan that’s fool proof, paving the way to your success.

You’ll have access to ALL the worksheets. The recording if the date & time doesn’t work for you, and for you fast acting few. As a Christmas Bonus, if you purchase before December 24th. You’ll get 1 full hour of coaching with yours truly, (that’s me, Terri-Ann) in January 2022. (worth $400)

This workshop on its own is easily worth a few hundred dollars.

My goal here isn’t to charge that.

My goal is to get you to put enough skin in the game that you show up, do the work, so that you my fine friend, are a success with your goals in 2022.

This is an investment in your future.

Who’s this for?
Ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, corporate professionals. Anyone who has something they want to achieve in 2022.

It’ll be held virtually via Zoom. You can come in your pj’s, hair all a mess, or in your regular every day fashionable self.
You do you.

And I’ll do me. Facilitate an interactive workshop that will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and ready with a plan.


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