The power of learning to speak with confidence, poise and clarity equals a woman who is formidable. A woman who is deserving of serious attention and respect.
WomanSpeak™ quite literally will transform your ability to influence and create impact through your vision and your voice.

This is a program for YOU if you want to:



1. TRANSFORM any fear or self-doubt about public speaking into ease and authentic confidence.



2. Deliver your message POWERFULLY, purely and in a way that deeply moves and motivates your listeners.


3. Write talks and presentations that are clear, powerful, INSPIRING, and genuine. Talks that inspire people to take action.



4. Own the value of what you have to say and feel free to say it directly and NATURALLY.



5. Experience greater FREEDOM to speak up in group meetings or in panel settings.



The price for this 6 week transformative program is ONLY $797 and funding may be available through PETL. Ask me how.


Next class starts December 16th at 1pm AST.
(All women welcome)

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