When looking for a Keynote Speaker for our College Graduation Ceremony, Terri-Ann was the first to come to mind!  With her zest for life, her positive approach and her messaging, I knew she would be the perfect person to send words of encouragement to our fellow graduating class. When I asked Terri-Ann to speak, she was instantly excited and humbled to be asked and jumped on the opportunity. Terri-Ann was a huge hit! She quickly gained the attention of over 200 graduates and their families in the audience. She filled the room with laughter and shared valuable life lessons for a successful future. We all have a story, and she has a fun way of telling her own. Her words of powerful, her teachings are true and her consistent love of life shines bright in everything she does. I would highly recommend Terri-Ann for any business event or speaking engagement.

Stephanie, Education Field

I’m at halfway point with my coaching with Terri-Ann, I started this because I wanted change and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I have had 20 years of negative thinking, extreme worrying and self doubt. Day one I met with her it was a breeze just like talking to an old friend never judged and constant chatter and the hour flew by. It’s not an immediate change but I see myself quickly changing how I think ,how I react, and how I handle a situation and  not everyday is perfect its a work in progress ,Thanks to Terri-Ann I have the “tools”to set me on track. I’m excited for my future for the new way of thinking for the small changes she has set me up with to make a huge impact on my life for me for my husband and for my family.

Anonymous, Health Field

Terri-Ann is fierce. She shows up with a strong exterior and a soft heart. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with her in several different capacities and the one thing that always rings true is she is ‘ALL IN’. Terri-Ann leans into every moment, conversation and workshop delivered. She gives space and insight at just the exact time it is needed. Her generosity of soul is one to aspire to. I have hired Terri-Ann as a speaker on multiple occasions and it always ends in a win for both the organization and the crowd. She has a way with her speaking of making you feel like her talk is directed to you. She makes you feel the way only a mother can – giving you the true reality check you need (cause we all do), while being comforting and compassionate. She leads the path, showing you that ‘YOU got this!

Sarah Rose, Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Terri-Ann is a young, enthusiastic professional. She came and spoke at an event with our company, held over 2 days in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On day one she worked with my Leaders and on day two with our entire sales force. I would recommend Terri-Ann to go and speak to any event! She is definitely relateable to the public and has the ability to grab our attention quickly. Her ability to customize her talk to our industry, had us able to stay present and engaged with her during the presentation given. Thanks again Terri-Ann and I look forward to my entire team learning to “owning their s***”.

Phillipe, Combined Insurance

I highly commend Terri-Ann as a speaker and facilitator in the area of communications. Terri-Ann has prepared well for the task, showing that she has gained an excellent understanding of the topics upon which she was asked to speak. Everything she has done is of high quality and professionally presented. She has led two adult groups for me and our satisfaction metrics rate her above 90% in both cases.  She has worked from the knowledge that group members have and led them into new ways of thinking. There has been obvious benefit for the group, as many of them have applied the ideas they have discovered to their work.  I thoroughly recommend her as a knowledgeable presenter in her field.

David, Spiritual Field

Terri-Ann is truly a mover and a shaker. Determined to make a difference. Driven to achieve. A genuinely remarkable woman ready to set the world on fire. Terri-Ann has fought the odds and worked diligently to become one of the most inspiring people I know. There is not stopping her! I confidently recommend Terri-Ann for whatever she is presenting to you when you meet her, because I know this lady can excel at whatever she sets her mind to.

Andrea Cyr, Discover Saint John

Terri-Ann has a powerful story of overcoming adversity. Not only that, she’s well-trained in business and has owned and operated many businesses – she’s now applying all of these lessons to helping others live their dreams. She’s an entrepreneur through and through – she can help you see problems as opportunities.

Vanessa, B4C Social Venture Accelerator

I had the pleasure of seeing Terri-Ann at a seminar last week in Frederiction. I have to say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Her story hit hard for most of us. The inspiring story she told on how she had a very tough childhood, teenage years right up to adulthood and how she over came so much. Watching her on that stage,  confident with head held high as she told her story was very inspiring to me. You absolutely were the talk of our table after that lecture.. Thanks Terri-Ann would love to come watch you again

Jennifer, Health Industry

Terri-Ann delivered the Keynote during the New Brunswick Home Support Association’s annual conference and AGM. Her topic was deep and on point with the audience. Feedback from the delegates was extremely positive.

Tina, President of NB Home Support Association

The [Intro to Personality Dimensions] Workshop was very interesting. Leaving with lots to think about. Highly recommend it!

Anonymous, Health Field

Was the most engaging and fun workshop I have attended in quite a while. Enjoyed the open discussions at the end and being called upon to share my own insight. [Intro to Personality Dimensions]

Anonymous, Sales Position

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