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When I speak, audiences listen.

I absolutely love speaking. There is something so rewarding in sharing your stories and expertise with an audience and watching the defining moment when they have their epiphany. I provide audiences a combination of inspiration, motivation, and humour, all with the end intent to catapult action. My wit, passion and charm allows for my talks to become ever so relatable to each audience member watching. In a world where employees, students and communities are bombarded with information at lightening speed, my talks allow them to sit, reflect, find truth and take action.

Fear-Less, Fail Forward

Living in a space of fear? Do you let that fear dictate your success?

It’s not ‘IF’ you fail, it’s when and how quickly you get up that matters! Motivational speaker, Terri-Ann Richards shares her own personal struggles, taking the audience through the heart wrenching truth of her childhood and adult years. She reveals the process she took to ‘Fear-Less and Fail Forward.

Terri-Ann will take the audience on a journey of discovering their 3 P’s: People. Priorities. Process. Her witty nature, captivating speaking style, and relate-ability makes this talk empowering to all that watch.

Your Past Does Not Define You. You Do!

Are you held hostage to your past? Do you let the shame or heartache of your younger years dictate your present?

Life is a series of ups and downs and we live in chaotic times. Motivational speaker, Terri-Ann Richards shines light on the power of our own personal thoughts. Separating the definition of ‘fault’ vs ‘responsibility’. Through sharing of her own personal stories and struggles, she showcases that regardless of your past, your present and future and yours and yours alone.

Terri-Ann takes the audience through a though provoking journey of ‘CHOICE’. Educating people on the power of thought. 60,000 thoughts go through your mind daily, which ones will you give power to?

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